Why DIY Intense Personal Fitness Is A Bad Idea

If you’re currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably have more time now to spend on getting fit through home workouts. But, to achieve a significant change in your physical appearance, you must do more than simple exercises. What you need is hardcore training like weight lifting, core building, and cardio exercises. These activities will help you improve your strength, balance, and breathing while exercising. 

However, if you’re new to intense exercise or physical fitness in general, you’ll need to consider working with an expert instead of exercising on your own. This is mainly because rigorous training can be grueling, at the same time if executed incorrectly, it can lead to adverse outcomes that are difficult to reverse. To give you an idea of what could go wrong with a DIY approach, Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC has explained why DIY personal fitness is a bad idea.

1. You could injure yourself

When you engage in exercise for the first time, or after a long time, you need to know how to ease your body into specific activities to avoid injuries. Without guidance on how to hold yourself, or without sufficient support when exercising, you could tear muscles, experience sprains, injure your back, or dislocate joints. For example, when you lift weights with the improper form, you could cause your body extreme pain and damage.

2. You could incur huge financial implications

A severe physical injury from exercising incorrectly can cost you an extensive amount of time away from work. Similarly, you might have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills depending on the type of injury you sustain.

Do things right – Hire a professional!

Unless you have the required knowledge and skills to exercise with caution, especially for intense workouts like weight lifting, we suggest that you start your fitness journey with a licensed professional. 

A certified and insured fitness specialist or personal trainer is equipped to teach you the appropriate techniques to strengthen your body. They also take into consideration your expectations along with your weaknesses and strengths to give you a suitable work out routine that builds your muscles, improve your strength, and overall health. Moreover, professional training services can fit into an affordable budget of just $300 to $500 per month.

If you’d like to learn more about working with a fitness expert, reach out to Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC. We are a fitness center in Jacksonville, FL, and we specialize in a range of fitness solutions, from bodybuilding training to weight loss training, personal training, and nutrition. Through these areas of expertise, our goal is to help you achieve physical and emotional balance. That way, you feel confident when you look in the mirror, and you acquire the abilities to achieve your fitness goals.

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