Fitness Coaching And Consulting By Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC

A successful fitness journey involves more than just hiring a personal trainer to take you through your workouts. You need a knowledgeable coach to teach you how to make a lifestyle change. Here at Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC, we run a coaching and consulting fitness business that has personal training as an added benefit to our clients.

Our fitness coaching is designed to empower our clients to make lifestyle changes by giving them the knowledge to make the right lifestyle decisions. Through coaching, we can educate clients to make healthy choices on their own, thus helping them to create sustainable fitness and wellness solutions that fit their current lifestyle.

We assure you that our fitness coaching will benefit each and every person who joins our program. Especially those who have failed at their attempts to live a healthy lifestyle and those who do not know where to start on their journey.

What’s more, is that our coaching will also be valuable because you no longer have to try to figure things out on your own with limited knowledge. It will give you your very own expert to assist you in making wise choices with sound knowledge.

Our coaching program comes with all of our personal training packages for no extra charge. You can go through our coaching and consulting services on our website here.

We are one of the top personal fitness trainers in Jacksonville, Florida, and specialize in semi-private one-on-one personal training, accountability, and support. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve by teaching them how to make health and fitness a lifestyle.

We offer services like body transformation, peak physique program, competition prep, to clients across Jacksonville, San Jose Blvd, Baymeadows, St. Johns County, Deerwood Center, Jacksonville Beach, Southside, Southside Blvd, Philips Hwy and the surrounding areas.

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