Employee Spotlight: Jack Cambe

Meet Jack Cambe, the Fitness Technician/Specialist at Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC. Jack began working with me eight months ago and already has a promising future ahead. 

It’s tough to put into words Jack’s importance, but the reason I’m featuring him on my blog this month is to showcase my appreciation for his efforts. Jack has established quite a reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among my clients. 

What makes Jack a valuable team member is that he provides excellent customer service and ensures that his clients meet their set goals every week. He also always goes the extra mile by ensuring his clients are properly stretched and warmed up to avoid injury.

What I appreciate most about Jack is that he keeps my clients motivated every step of their journey from start to finish. He also has a very professional appearance and demeanor. 

It is evident that Jack has genuine care and love for my fitness center, and I absolutely love the grit, enthusiasm, and commitment with which he works. 

When I asked him why he loves working with me, he grinned and said: “Working with Lee Banks Fitness is a blast. He provides awesome training/work experience, and most of all, being around like-minded individuals. Helping clients believe in themselves, knowing they have the potential of being their best, has paved their way to success. Teaching and coaching cues on exercise form have helped clients understand, feel, prevent injury, and become stronger at the movement. I cannot express enough how happy I am when a client hits a personal best on an exercise, weight dropping or individuals having a hard time gaining weight, getting stronger, seeing their physical/aesthetic features change, clothes fitting looser, or even how much training has made them feel in a positive sense.”

He isn’t wrong! 

Just like Jack, I am committed to helping others establish the habits and disciplines needed to accomplish their health and fitness goals. As a certified personal trainer, bodybuilding coach, and nutrition and weight loss specialist in Jacksonville, FL, I offer body transformation, peak physique program, competition prep. So, the next time you’re looking for a personal fitness trainer or a leading fitness center in Jacksonville, FL, get in touch with me by clicking here or visit Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC for more information.